Monday, May 12, 2008

Seri Umum

Suddenly Seri Umum appeared right in front of our wide window (through which my children would slip-in past mid-nite). The girls screamed & threw themselves to her. Seri just dropped by. She arrived last nite & spent the nite at her friend's house (whom I called Nyonya Besar) last nite. Seri has found a new employer in KL. About 5 month at home (of makan tidor Seri said), Seri's face looks more round now. Every one at her home was well. The house she constructed for her son was also completed. Seri looks radiant, happy, contented & younger too.

Seri joined my family in May 2006 to care for my ailing mother. The 50 yrs old lady discharged her duty with full respect to my mother. & my mother did not complain much about her. My mother was hospitalised for 3 months (since 2nd August). On 10th November same year my mother passed away. Seri was very efficient on the day of funeral. By 11am all what needed to be cleaned had been washed. Towels, kain-kain batik, pillow cases, bedsheets etc. She did all by herself. I leave to Allah to reward her kindness, here on earth & day after.

Seri stayed on until January this year. Through-out 2007, Seri made many friends in the Surau. She seldom missed jemaah for Maghrib, Isya' & Subuh. She was well like by the qariah & always get invited for little kenduri & weddings in the neighbourhood. She was ringan tulang in gotong royong. During Ramadhan she would bring some kuih for the break. She also looked forward to monthly kiamulai session in Surau. Pendek kata, by the time Seri left, not only my family was affected but her Surau friends & my neighbours also felt her absence. Without Seri, there is no one to collect & distribute my kg products to my neighbours.

A lot of commotion, the girls & Seri. Sesat which was sleeping by my side (after heavy breakfast) pun terpinga2.(The always mengada2 & manja) Sesat ran away when Seri wanted to touch the now bigger & "fluffier sesat" cat. "Sesat takut bcos Bibik had been garang" cried Fatiha. Kah.kah kah they were laughing.

It was 8.30am. Hug..hug & kiss kiss again.. Seri left us for her new employer. I pray she gets good employer who will pay her the salary she was looking for. This time she would gather all her salary for Hajj.


samrah said...

apasal tak ambik je dia kerja balik..kan senang nanti, bolih ngaji, tazkirah kat org, dan terus dimsb..ha..ha..

macgyver said...

aiseyman...seri punya story bikin pikiran dan hati ada rasa touchinglah..

bukan senang nak cari 'bibik' mcm seri tu sekarang ni,mungkin.
nak percaya kat orang pun 50-50 ni kan pulak nak jadikan bibik kat rumah.

tapi itulah kehidupan, yang mana bukan mudah melepaskan sesuatu yang baik (pada kita) tapi mungkin itu yang terbaik (pada dia).