Friday, May 9, 2008

Birthday gift...beli sendiri

A friend asked if I finally get to drop by at Habib last week, for myself to see the bling-bling offer. No I didn't. Few things cropped up that I simply missed the opportunity. Soon as I realised, it was already 5th May. bz or simply not a priority.

It would really be historical had I gone all the to KLCC for that. Early last month, I noticed this friend had two more addition on her finger & lower arm. Sparkling bright under her sleeve. Not the usual glitter acquired from the several Russian markets she visited. "Ini lain. Ade certificate. Boleh trade-in", she told me. "Habib Jewel... birthday gift". Alamak! Birthday gift?? OMG!!

"Alaa...relaxlah. Birthday gift. Beli sendiri. Guna card. 10 bulan. Tak terasa sangat", she smiled. She really knew what was in my mind. Both of us and others in the room could not stop laughing. Bak kate betul2 in stitcheslah. & that gave me the idea to ...

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