Saturday, May 24, 2008

A dream in Cambodia

I followed my friend, CikC, to Cambodia last year. She wanted to see Angkorwat which was among many nomination for seven wonders of the world then. Another attraction for some ladies was affordable precious & semi precious stones at the Russian market. For me, I wanted to 'see' Tonlesap.

The trip turned out to be 'lawatan keinsafan'. We were taken to a few Muslim kampungs. Upon return, I managed to get a few friends to pledge some amount of fund for cattle raring . The project was intended to provide start up capital for vilagers to rare cattle for kurban during Aidil Adha. However, I could not moved further because our contact in Cambodia Cambodia did not revert to us with approach on how best to handle it.

Early last week I read about a Jewish family constructing a mosque for a Muslim community in Cambodia. The community turned to be not pure Muslim (it is an ABC of Islamic teaching, Budhism & animistic). The mosque cost US$20K. Regardless, the story re-ignited the 'flame' inside me to return to Cambodia with something for the Muslim community there.

This time I thought of constructing a surau. Probably, I get enough fund for the materials and the cummunity build it by gotong royong. Our contact in Cambodia was willing to identify a village and estimate the cost of construction.

Last Wednesday (21 May 2008) I e-mailed some friends. So far, a total RM25K has been pledged. Arief, as in my previous fisabilillah projects, leads in terms of immediate response and support. May Allah bless him with more.

I hope to collect about RM60K as soon as possible. CikC and I plan to meet the leaders of the community on 19 July. May this dream be shared by more out there. I imagine my Muslim brothers and sisters using the surau as community centre, one day.

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