Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Assalamualaikum Dear Macgyver,

Rase teruja betul dgn yr comment. The previous nite Kalsum asked me y I need 2 do "open" my dairy.I told her that step is rather premature, prompted by the TV3 MHI that day. Otherwise, I would have waited for the right time whereby I could re-write what I had gathered so far from various classes I had been attending.

Thank you for that composition. It reminded me of my original intention.

The last few years I had shared "captions" from my readings with you a few others. Doing so, some commented that I did not sound positive any more about life... cam ne tu. Any response?

Actually I am now "tapping" from Harbour View International House, Wan Chai. Just wanna share with you that my room is facing Hkong International Convention Centre. It is about 5pm here. A bit hazy but still a beautiful view. While the ECT team bz at the trade fair, I duduk di bilik buat kerje yg patut...

Sebelum I sign off ni, I terbaca:

"Siapakah orang yg tertipu? Orang muda yg menyangka kematian berlaku hanya pada orang tua"

TQ Macgyver.


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