Thursday, April 24, 2008


I happened to watch MHI TV3 this am. One of the guests was En Azli Paat who managed to convince "computer-blind" species that it takes only a few minutes to creat an open diary (reads blog)... so this gonna the 1st page of my 2008 log.

This is about farewell party. A person asked for my opinion re the why to organise such jamuan for staff leaving his company for greener pasture somewhere (sometimes far away, but there are cases whereby the new field of lavender is only next door.).

Back in nineteen not not, such farewell was commonly held by colleagues. We went makan2 (nasi beryani Insaf, kari kepala ikan etc). We also collect little sum by pushing envelope around to buy small parting gift (eg pen, photo frames). The admin or HR departments then would only hold "official" gathering for retiring (reads "loyal") staff or staff on secondment to other agencies or overseas posting.
These days things are different, especially in private sector. It seems admin "have" to hold such jamuan for many reasons. Amongst other, it is a small world that we are going to bump on each other, that we make work together in same projects... eg our leaving engineer today may be consultant for a future project that we could be managing or doing... Therefore, as one say "perlu baik-baik tu". There many other reasons and justifications to hold or not to.
Some staff joined the company fresh fr schools. The seniors guide them (on the field, classes, one-to-one, etc) and forgive mistakes (convertable to RM) along the way . After a few years, staff "graduated" and look for better offer, experience and challenges elsewhere. Deep down, I regret that our organisation could not provide such opportunities within. However, the seniors who have "polished" them should be "happy" that their "products" are marketable or highly demanded...Regardless admin is happy to hold small makan2 with them.



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