Thursday, February 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Lahir

We went to Belanga at the Garden yesterday. Initially there were four of us, so we were not allowed to sit at the table for six. Muni, the birthday girl, told the waitress that she was a friend of the owner. I could see the waitress was not happy. Still she had to take away the "reserve" signage off the table. Yes we need a big table for we gonna have not enough space for nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, daging bakar, ayam panggang, ayam percik, lompat tikam, keropok, birthday cake, sirap selasih, teh ice, air kelapa etc etc. Freeflow of Kelantan delights.
Dalam keadaan ketat tali pinggang, Datin kite sempat pulak buat kejutan dengan deklamasi sajak. Pendek tapi padat. Antara ungkapannya yg menarik "dream with yr eyes wide open..." This kind of surprise she had never done before.
Anyway, it was my first time at the Garden. I find cantik, selesa, lapang & tak ramai orang. Sesuai untuk releks-releks, hepi-hepi, angan-angan. Sesekali. Kalau dapat check-in kat hotel di atas pun OK. First time terperanjat bila ke toiletnya. Beberapa washing basin not functioning. There was no bath area & no disposable toothbrush. The charge is RM5/pax. This certainly is another thing I will forget about the Garden.

Walau apapun, Happy Birthday Muni. Sama2lah kita tingkatkan iman. Semuga Allah melindungi & memberkati semua kehidupan kita yang semakin berkurang ini...


Nek Cun said...

Salam Timah, yes I've once to Garden. It's a very peaceful and beautiful inside although it's at the center of some sort very busy area. At a time I felt as if I was in Europe especially when all the branded boutiques around the shopping areas. Anyway, how're you? Hope you're OK and sehat walafiat. Pls send my belated Happy birthday to Muna...(even if she didn't know me!)...Semoga Allah berkati kehidupan kita semua.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. Semoga Alah memberkati hidup anda seterusnya.